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A perfect bathroom with objects by Michael Verheyden, Society and Il Laboratorium dell' Imperfetto.

Michael Verheyden puts a lot of time into finding new ways to construct things. He always tries to combine innovation, craftsmanship and quality into clean-cut, purified designs. 
Here you see a bin with lid in calfskin leather available in black and cognac leather. In combination with the container vase by Michael Verheyden. This one is in natural stone with a slightly curved bottom.
The colour shades vary from jade, green to grey and anthracite.

The linen bathrobe is from Society, the philosophy espouses is very simple: it is never satisfied. An exclusive fabric, a valuable yarn and a color never yet tried. They are staging posts on an odyssey of exploration.

At least you have an original shape from Il Laboratorium  dell' Imperfetto. All there objects are made from a common mould, which is then sanded, painted and hand-polished.